Jim Richman began speaking publicly at age 16. For nearly twenty years, Jim has shared motivating and inspiring truth with thousands in diverse audiences across the U.S.

Jim’s specialty is challenging the hearts and minds of his listeners with the reality of their current spiritual condition against the vivid possibilities of an even more developed and committed relationship with Jesus Christ.



Jim Richman has a passion for the Word of God and for the outdoors. Jim is uniquely able to blend together solid preaching and teaching with the lessons he has learned “in the field.”

Dr. Jeremy Muniz 

Senior Pastor Ridgecrest Baptist Church 

President of the Missouri Baptist Convention 2019



Impactful communication isn’t magically developed over night. Jim Richman’s speaking philosophy not only comes from the academic practice and study of speaking, but from years of real-world experience. If you want to truly see an audience moved by a presentation, Jim believes that it is critical to communicate important content clearly, simply, and interactively. Utilizing breathtaking outdoor imagery and passion for changing lives, Jim leaves audiences refreshed and ready to take the next steps they have been called to.


Listen to a sample of Jim’s speaking here.


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